Vagrant Mercenaries

Story background

The story starts in eastern Tellene, in the Reanaaria Bay, famous for it’s trading and even more famous for its Pirates. The players come from a small unnamed village about a day’s walk north of Zoa. Something has been stirring problems in the region: bandits are more active, pirates are more bloodthirsty and humanoids are causing even more ruckus. The game is based on pirate stories and treasure hunting, evil is slayed as a side-effect more than a planned objective.


Sailing adventurers

  • Seolana the fighter
  • Leok the cleric
  • we’ll see who climbs aboard

The complete list of characters is available in the Characters section

Current locations of interest

A region of Tellene where humans live in harmony with demi-humans, the region is known for the high number of pirates wandering it’s waters.

Sign on! A life of violent plundering and murdering might await you!

Types of adventures

Please indicate what kind of adventures you would like to see in future games.

Vagrant Mercenaries

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