An outsider’s view

Tokis is an unstable land. Their crops have failed year after year, their leaders have been saddled with a war they cannot win, and their cities lack the policing necessary to do good business. They were once a great people, but they have been asked to bear too great a load.

King Adoku I gained the throne through the backing of Emperor Kabori. His people are suffering for this, however, because of the war on Pekal. The armies are spent, and all the resources that should be going into developing and maintaining the kingdom are instead being thrown away to hire more mercenaries. The war will continue to go badly for Tokis as well, unless something can be done to slow or stop the aid Pekal receives.

An insider’s view

Tokis is a nice place to live, compared to some other places I’ve seen. The last ten years or so have been hard, it is true, and the war drains us to death, but the history of Tokis is something to be proud of! We ruled a large part of the known world for a long time, and the nobles that governed here were powerful and great.

Yes, war and famine have destroyed our power. We have become a minor nation in a bit play, at the disposal of Emperor Kabori. If we were free once again, we would be able to feed our peoples, and return to our rightful glory.


Perhaps the most unfortunate of Kalamar’s holdings, Tokis is firmly under the thumb of Emperor Kabori. After being installed on the throne following the dissolution of a decades-long revolt, Adoku Soriba found himself in the position of owing a great deal to his emperor—a great deal being everything. Kabori ordered Adoku to retake Pekal and the Tokian king had no choice but to obey. That was ten years ago and Pekal still stands sovereign.

Knowing that it’s just a matter of time before Kabori loses his patience and forcibly removes him from the throne, King Adoku I is growing nervous. He is gutting his family’s personal fortune to pay for masses of mercenaries from Zazahni and Korak and soon plans another offensive. Unfortunately, a failing economy and an unnatural locust swarm in his nation are combining to make such an offensive less and less likely. For King Adoku Soriba I, the clock is ticking.

The capital of this kingdom is Bet Seder and it is part of the Kalamaran Empire region. Other major cities in Tokis are: Gaketa, Pipido, Salirido and U’Rudaketa.
The neighboring kingdoms are: Pekal, O’Par, Dodera Basir, the Edosi Forest and Kalamar.

Map of Tokis



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