Reanaaria Bay

Outsider view

Reanaaria Bay is a large region, with diverse peoples living along the coastline. Each city is literally a state unto it’s own, and run as its inhabitants see fit. It makes for an incredible place, as each city is so different from the rest, and little more than a day’s travel from the others. The cities are often isolated, with water on one side and mountains on the other, making it hard for them to expand. This, combined with the poor landbased resources in this area, restricts the population and the growth of their city-states. Most people here, however, live comfortably from the fish in the sea, or from the trade with other city-states.

Merchants regularly trade for the riches that come down from the mountains, as well as the plentiful foods that come from the sea, and in a few places, the interesting or rare items that are retrieved from the forests. This traffic supplies the entire bay with fresh supplies that are not easily found elsewhere. This trade is also a main source of another major trade here; shipbuilding. Without the major trading cargo ships, many of shipbuilding yards would quickly go out of business. This trade has also fostered good relations among the many races, and racial prejudice is much rarer here than in other lands. Yes, the Bay is a fine place to live.

Insider view

Our settlements are sheltered, both from the elements and from each other. Each city is free, free to be the city we want it to be, though it may have been founded at very different times, and for very different reasons. Some were founded around settlements of other races, others were founded because of some natural resource, while others were founded seemingly on a whim. There are cities and towns of every type, and each city produces something that the others cannot match. It gives the Bay a strength that few other regions have.

Every race is accepted within the bay area. Some places are more accepting than others, but for the most part, we understand and respect the other races for their contributions to our society. Gnomes, dwarves, elves, halflings… All exist here, and are mostly integrated into the communities. Halflings are mainly farmers, while elves mostly stay near the cities, working the administration or trading with others, and dwarves and gnomes manufacture quality products. Everyone has a role to play here.


Centuries ago, the ancestors of the modern Reanaarians were mere hunters and gatherers, following the wild game migrations across the land. Soon, groups of gnolls and ogres began to prey on, and then assault, them. The Reanaarians fled, eventually finding themselves stuck between the now-impassable mountains and the harsh, rocky seacoast of Reanaaria Bay. Here, they lived in relative seclusion, save for their encounters with a small tribe of gnomes from the mountains to the north, who taught them the basics of tier farming and irrigation, and a mysterious seafaring race of elves, who gave the knowledge of shipbuilding, sailing and stellar navigation, before moving on.

The Reanaarians became great sailors and eventually colonized much of the bay area. Today, the colonies are small city-states, each governed by a single ruler or king. The land holds little strategic value, and peace usually dominates the area. (The northern regions are an exception in that they have some agricultural and strategic value and thus are subject to invasion.)

Trade is king in Reanaaria Bay, and racial and religious tolerance is quite high. Gnomes and halflings are quite common here, and dwarves come down from the mountains and trade gems and metals for lumber, clothing and food. Elves and half-elves are less common, and hobgoblins rare.

Notable Cities and Towns of Reanaaria Bay

Comparison to real Earth

The area is roughly Mediterranean in climate, and Reanaaria (and Reanaarians) are Mediterranean in flavor. Comparable real-world historical cities (in terms of dress, architecture, and technology) might be Ottoman Athens and Istanbul, circa 1400-1600 CE (with some of Hellenistic-era Greece thrown in for good measure). src: Bones of the dead eleven

Topography of Reanaaria Bay

Located on Tellene

Reanaaria bay

Reanaaria Bay

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