Creating a character

We will be playing D&D 5th edition, a PDF version of the System Reference Document is available here .

This is a simple to follow character creation process, simply answer the questions one by one.

Bare bones

  • Choose if your character is a male or a female.
  • Choose the race of your character, including hobgoblins.
  • Choose a base class for your hero.
    • Core classes are allowed.
      • Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard.
    • Kalamar classes from Kingdoms of Kalamar Player’s Guide are allowed but will require tweaking.
      • Bandit, Basiran Dancer, Gladiator, Infiltrator, Shaman and Spellsinger.
    • Some house rules have been identified at the bottom of this page.
  • Roll 4D6, keep the 3 highest dice, 6 times.
    • Maximum for an ability is 18 (before the race adjustments).
    • An online roller is available here:
      • Simply Write the name of your character and choose the 4d6 drop lowest, arranged
    • Minimum for an ability is 3 (after the race adjustments).
  • Choose your character’s skills.
  • Choose your hero’s feats, and spells
  • Do not choose an alignment.
  • Choose ideals, bonds and flaws based on his/her background.
  • Randomly roll or choose your hero’s height.
  • Randomly roll or choose your hero’s weight.
  • Choose eye color, hair color and style, skin color.
  • Please describe at least two distinctive features that your hero has.

Answering the below questions give 2 Prestige Points

Who’s around?

  • Parents
    • What are their names ?
    • What was their job ?
    • Are they still alive ?
  • Siblings
    • How many brothers and sisters ?
    • Are they still alive ?
  • Animal companion or familiar
    • What is the companion’s name and what is it ?
    • What is the companion’s personality ?
    • How did s/he acquire this companion ?

Memories of a Future past

  • Where was your hero born and where did s/he grow up ?
  • What is his/her fondest childhood memory ?
  • What was your hero’s childhood dream ?
  • Did s/he have many friends as a kid ?
  • How did your hero choose his class ?
  • Did s/he have a regular job before being a hero ?
  • Who has taught what your hero knows ? How did s/he learn ?
  • Greatest achievement ?
  • Worse failure ?
  • Has s/he done anything s/he regrets ?
  • Magic-users
    • What spell did s/he cast first ?
    • Describe the circumstances of your heroes first spell cast ?

Tik-Tok, how (s)he works

  • Identify your hero’s core value
    • Justice, Fidelity, Friendship, Love, Balance, etc.
  • What is your hero’s current dream, why has it changed ?
  • For what/whom would your hero do anything ?
    • Gain Power, gain wealth, gain fame, be honorable, help a family member, help a friend, help his/her love, to gain knowledge, for his/her religion, for his/her job, etc.
  • What makes your hero laugh ?
    • People falling down, kids having fun, etc.
  • What makes your hero uncomfortable ?
    • Poverty, Being naked, Lies, etc.
  • What terrorizes your hero ?
    • Spiders, Darkness, Sickness, Small Spaces, Wild animals, Bathing, Cats, Loneliness, Food, Clowns, Losing things (hoarder), Elderly, Nudity, Blood, Running Water, Forests, Sewers, Undead, Filth, Fish, Rain, Death, Loud Sounds, Fire, Sleep, Technology, Holes, Insects, more available on this list of phobias
  • Define your hero’s greatest qualities.
  • Define your hero’s worst flaws.
  • Is your hero forgiving or unforgiving, are there exceptions ?
  • Does your character like to try new things ?
  • What is your character’s opinion on the different races he has encountered ?
  • What is your character’s opinion on the different adventurers types ?
    • Casters, divine and arcane
    • Pure Combatants, melee and ranged
    • Rogues
  • Describe the kind of partner that interests your hero.

The Finishing Touches

  • What goal do you have for your hero ?
  • List two secrets, one known and one unknown to the hero.
  • Name a favorite drink (invent something):
  • Name a favorite food (invent something):
  • Name a favorite creature (animal, beast, monster, etc.):
  • What is your hero’s name ?

House rules

none that I am aware of…

Creating a character

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