Fhokki have blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Due to sharing land with the Dejy for untold generations, brown eyes and slightly darker skin are now common as well, and blonde is no longer the only hair color. Those who lived in O’Par or Dodera before the Kalamarans drove them out might show some red hair; a reminder of their oppressors. Fhokki tend to be the tallest of the human races, and in areas of pure Fhokki, a man under six and a half feet tall is rare. Men consider beards a mark of adulthood and only the very old or certain priests may shave theirs without inviting ridicule.

Fhokki are a vibrant people. They love to laugh, love, and fight. With this aggressive personality matched to a large frame, the effect shocks the peace-loving or the cultured. Fhokki prefer simple log homes large enough for their extended family. They prefer working with their hands, and many Fhokki distrust wizards or scholars. Fhokki burn their dead on great pyres with the possessions that best represented that person’s life and desires.

Traditionally, Fhokki live in extended families that dwell in log homes. Some Fhokki clans herd reindeer as their principal means of livelihood; others fish the plentiful depths of Lake Jorakk, and supplement their diet with deer taken from the thick forests of their homelands. Fhokki clans inhabit the length and breadth of the Wild Lands. The Hurrkal and other clans live as far south as the edge of Reanaaria Bay, where they generally get along peacably with the humans and demihumans there. The Trusk live in Skarrna and the Rokk woods. The Kartorr and Roth clans range to the north and east further than the Kalamaran scribes record.

The Fhokki language is surprisingly intact from ancient days, despite only recent adoption of quill and paper. Loremasters among the people painted onto stone or tree bark and have only used ink for the last hundred years or so. Fhokki is spoken in the lands of Jorakk, along the banks of the Jorakk River and in Skarrna, although its runes appear across the Wild Lands and as far South as Dodera.


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