An uneasy conference between wood, wild, gray, high and dark elves – attended by a Brandobian human emissary.

Elves live in villages and towns scattered throughout Tellene, usually loyal to a prince or a king that rules a loose hereditary monarchy. The oldest and most secluded of these settlements number in the tens of thousands, but these few are rare and exist only in deep forests. Surface elves often gather in cities in the Lendelwood and the Kalalali Forest, while ancient dark elf cities lie beneath the Elenon and Krimppatu Mountains. The elven races include the high elves (lathlani), dark elves (drow), gray elves (doulathan), wild elves (seleeris), and wood elves (aralarai).

There are two forms of the Elven language – Low Elven and High Elven. High Elven is an ancient and complex language, and is basically sacred to the elves. Teaching it to non-elves (even half-elves) is strictly taboo and subject to dire punishment.

The Myth of Creation

Though some religions speak of the Creator forming life through her hands, most elves hold fast to their belief that she created life through her song, the echoes of which still reverberate through the universe today. First came the gods, of which there were fifty-four. Next came the world of Tellene, populated with plants and animals of unimaginable variety. To maintain Tellene while she wandered among her children, the Creator fabricated elves – the first born of the races. Eventually, there came the War of the Gods, with the Creator’s apparent demise, and the remaining gods turned their attention to Tellene. Now the gods argued over control of the world. Through all of this, the elves remained quiet, for none of the gods yet turned their attention to them. However, the elves soon began to worship these new gods, for much had changed since the war began.

Each god now wished to shape Tellene with his own powers, and brought many new races into being. Death came to the elves, for now there was time (which withered their bodies), and hunger and starvation (which wasted them). Though the elves had no wish to traffic with these new gods, they knew that they needed protectors from these new forces. They began to worship the new gods (particularly Raconteur, the Guardian, Eye Opener, the Lord of Silver Linings, and the Great Huntress). Depending on the storyteller or elven subrace, gods are admitted to or omitted from this legend, which naturally makes its veracity more unbelievable.


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