Bet Rogala

Common Knowledge

Sheltered and protected by the landforms surrounding it, this city is filled with simple people. Housing many different races has made total confusion of the architectural styles, but it also lends a simple charm. The economy is mostly local, but anyone traveling through with valuable merchandise should be able to sell it easily.


20,900. About half are human of various races ( Kalamarans, Brandobians and Dejy), and the other half is split evenly between gnomes, halflings, and elves.

At a Glance

Bet Rogala, located on the northeastern shores of Lake Eb’Sobet, is home to a wide variety of both humans and demi-humans. Most of the city’s residents are artisans, farmers or fisherman. These simple folk live comfortably because of the plentiful supply of fish and the mild climate. Additionally, the high concentration of affluent mages and their adventuring companions brings a good deal of wealth into the community.

The city’s architecture is an eclectic mix of different styles and sizes of buildings. The ancient lake-houses of the Dejy still house some of the city’s poorest inhabitants, while small natural or artificial hills are home to halflings and dwarves. Soldiers bivouac outside the city’s walls, and the middle and upper classes live in large brick homes.

City locations

Bet Rogala Districts
Map of Bet Rogala

Bet Rogala

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