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All the stories of Glimpses of Adventures are happening on the continent of Tellene unless you show an interest in Spelljamming or Planewalking. Please inform me in advance if you wish to go that way.

Vagrant Mercenaries

In Planning.

A simpler story (than Elvish Prophecies) to get Kvinnlig into fantasy roleplaying. She will be playing Seolana, a Reanaarian Fighter with a lot of guts. The game will begin in a very small unamed thorp north of Zoa in the Reanaaria Bay and might involve pirates and exploration outside of Tellene.

This campaign is using the tag MercCampaign and the characters are available here

Vagrant Mercenaries

Elvish Prophecies

To be rebooted.

Illua, a small elven druid, and Cyrn, her ranger half-brother, started in the conflicted Pipitul Woodlands, a small wooden area on the border of four kingdoms; Pekal, Tokis, O’Par and Paru’Bor. Three of those being former provinces of the Kalamaran Empire with only Tokis remaining within the grasp of the empire. Some story arcs will be concerning the Tokis-Pekal war and some other will be concerned with a fanatical druidical group.

This campaign is using the tag EPCampaign and the characters are available here

Elvish Prophecies

The Exiled Prince

In Planning

This is an extension of the story Reavers and Redeemers with new characters and a new part of the world. Game will start is Svimohzia. Not too much is planned yet.

The Exiled Prince

Reavers and Redeemers

Semi hiatus, played only when we can meet up… once in a blue moon.

The game started at the Eternal Phoenix Inn in Bet Rogala, a famous inn known for welcoming adventurers and commoners alike and having some of the best beer in all of Bet Rogala. The place is owned by an exiled dwarf named Kurgan who adopted 3 fhokki kids when their parents died. The first quests where requests from the Crown of Pekal and then getting some recognition they received some more quests from the College of Magic. From there things flowed out, now they are working for the Demoiselle Antunes and a mysterious bard working at the Eternal Phoenix Inn. Some story arcs will be concerning the Tokis-Pekal war others will be along an ancient evil that was disturbed by the company.

This campaign is using the tag RRCampaign and the characters are available here

Reavers and Redeemers


I would like to change the mode to a more collaborative story direction. For every participation to this game portal, you’ll get Prestige Points, go to the wiki entry to know how it works. As Faerbast said it, this is a nice carrot on a stick and I’m not hiding it.

New characters

If you intend to play in the game, please use the following rules for Creating a character. If you would like to be a guest appearance, a once in a while player, just gimme a sign and we can try to work something up.

There is the possibility of crossovers in the future, a mix and match of the different characters from a story arc to another.

Thanks & Copyrights

I would like to thank Kenzer & Co for their awesome products and more specificaly David Kenzer for allowing me to use the official Kingdoms of Kalamar material on this portal. Most of the content (fluff) on this wiki comes from the Player’s Guide and the Campaign Guide .

You can go to the official Kingdoms of Kalamar website here. Besides being one the best detailed (in my opinion) campaign setting for D&D 3.X/Pathfinder, KoK is the official setting for the latest Hackmaster edition.

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