Wood Elves

Wood elf

Wood elves are jovial and friendly with their own kind and those they have accepted as friends. They are guarded and suspicious of strangers, and they do not give their trust easily. Wood elves enjoy celebrating holidays and playing musical instruments. Where high elves have pale skin, aralarai boast dark skin that nearly matches the bark of the trees where they live. Their hair ranges from platinum blonde to chestnut brown and occasionally has a touch of auburn among the lighter shades. They dress in browns, greens and grays and wear jewelry only for special occasions. In general, wood elves find jewelry impractical.

Wood elves prefer to live apart from humankind, due to conflicts with other races. Wood elves tend to view lone strangers as scouts for larger groups of intruders, and large armed bands as raiders. Humans have been the worst of these invaders, and wood elves tend to shoot them first and ask questions later. Wood elves are likely to interrogate dwarf trespassers before deciding their fate, while they assume gnomes and halflings to be relatively harmless.

Large groups of wood elves live in the Lendelwood, the Brindonwood and the Edosi Forest, but smaller bands live in almost all major forests. They sometimes live with smaller numbers of high elves, and many individuals have friends or allies among the fey creatures of the forest. Wood elves primarily worship the Mother of the Elements, but the Bear, the Guardian, the Great Huntress, the Coddler, the Watcher and Ablutor all have followers among them as well. They generally avoid the Coinmaster, the Overlord, The True, or the other lawful gods (finding their faith too restrictive). Evil wood elves worship the Silent Slayer, Ill-luck or the Confuser of Ways.

Wood elves use the standard Elf abilities, except that they are proficient with the longsword in addition to the shortbow and longbow. They speak the Merchant’s Tongue, Low Elven, and High Elven.

Wood Elves

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