An outsider’s view

“The Truthseekers are the most honorable people I know. They work hard within the laws of their community, and often act as judges for the crown, magistrates for the community, or as city guards. They make everyone around them slightly nervous, though. After all, who has not broken a law or two?”

A practitioner’s view

“Justice and truth! These watchwords should adorn every city. We bring order and structure to every city, town and home we inhabit. Without our influence, the kingdoms would crumble, the lawless would rule, and chaos would engulf the world. We are the backbone of society, and you are safer for it.”

REGIONAL NAMES (HUMAN): Vrilnan (Brandobian), Lydthesh (Dejy), Aydharra (Fhokki), Fapeki (Kalamaran), Mosaa (Reanaarese), Svishozh (Svimohzish)

RACIAL NAMES (HUMANOID): Salimak (Dwarven), Eleria (Elven), Treslin (Gnomish), Lareki (Halfling), Graz-Vagh (Hobgoblin), Rork (Orc)


ALIGNMENT: Lawful good

SYMBOL: A scale balanced on the tip of a golden sword against a white background

HOLY SYMBOL: Small golden sword or a tiny scale

HOLY DAYS: Summer and winter solstice

PLACE OF WORSHIP: Worship of The True is held predominantly in city temples, which often contain courtrooms. Truthseekers open each religious service with the phrase “The truth must be told” and close each service with the phrase “All was truth.” These phrases are often used by Truthseekers in their official positions of judge and magistrate, even when local law does not provide for such invocations.

While the Truthseekers themselves sacrifice gold, they offer special tokens for the poor who might not be able to afford a real gold coin. The faith sells these sacrifice tokens, called “scales,” for one silver piece each.

COLORS: White, gold

ANIMAL: Falcon

APPEARANCE: The Magnificent Magistrate appears as a young, beautiful, athletic being. She has long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. The Exalted Judge is clad in gold chainmail and a flowing white cloak; she wields two longswords (Truth Seeker and Justice Bringer), which are known as the Swords of Justice.

CHURCH: The Courts of Justice

CLERGY: Truthseekers

RAIMENT: White and gold robes, precise configuration varies with rank.

SACRIFICE & FREQUENCY: Gold once per month.

ADVANCEMENT: Advancement within the Courts of Justice is by seniority or by the apprehension of outlaws.

CLERICS: Justice and truth are the foundation blocks upon which the Courts of Justice and its faith are laid. The Truthseekers believe all who defy justice should be brought before the Exalted Judge. However strong their desire to see justice done, it is tempered by their adherence to the laws of society (as long as the laws of a society are just and true in the eyes of the Courts of Justice). When residing in a city, all clerics must attempt to intervene and resolve any disputes they encounter.

Before becoming a Truthseeker, an initiate must confess all lies and unjust acts he has told or committed in the past. Thereafter, if a Truthseeker knowingly bears false witness he must seek out a higher-level Truthseeker and ask for atonement. Any cleric who knowingly tells a falsehood a second time or willingly commits an act of injustice is defrocked. A Truthseeker would rather die than tell a lie or give information that a captor could use to commit an injustice.

Travelers can find temples and altars to the Exalted Judge in most cities and larger towns in civilized societies. Lords often appoint Truthseekers as magistrates or judges. Some Truthseekers travel the countryside in search of those who commit crimes against society.

FRIENDS/ALLIES: The Hall of Oaths, The Halls of the Valiant, the Church of Everlasting Hope, The Founder’s Creation, the Order of Thought, the Inevitable Order of Time

FOES/ENEMIES: The Courts of Inequity, the Confuser of Ways, the Way of the Berserk, the Temple of Strife, the Congregation of the Dead

SAYINGS: When a man lies, he slays forever a part of the world. – Bearing false witness is the greatest injustice that can be performed on society, for without truth, reality is an illusion. – Justice is best performed in a court of law. – Be just and true and only good will come to you. – If one chooses to live within society, one must follow society’s laws else suffer her rightful and just wrath. – Lying is capital punishment for the soul. – The truth shall make you free.

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