An outsider’s view

“Wanderers, vagrants, hooligans… All know to avoid such people. However, for the Journeymen, they are excellent friends! They know much about traveling, and often will fight to protect a fellow traveler. However, they are distant, for they often think about the road and not its end.”

A practitioner’s view

“Traveling is all that matters to us. The point of traveling is to travel, not to get somewhere. A Journeyman travels because wisdom cannot be gained in one place – one learns true wisdom in many places.”

REGIONAL NAMES (HUMAN): Plampern (Brandobian), Shodaf (Dejy), Ravarr (Fhokki), Rostak (Kalamaran), Huunaav (Reanaarese), Amehz (Svimohzish)

RACIAL NAMES (HUMANOID): Gemila (Dwarven), Landanna (Elven), Kalborn (Gnomish), Taktan (Halfling), Kakkel-Gazh (Hobgoblin), Hogor (Orc)


ALIGNMENT: Neutral good

SYMBOL: A shooting star on a black background

HOLY SYMBOL: A silver star

HOLY DAYS: The first day of spring which marks the beginning of friendlier travel weather

PLACE OF WORSHIP: Small shrines to the Traveler exist along major roadways. A temple to the Voyager can often be found inside a local merchant’s guild. Major seaports have a temple dedicated to the Voyager.

Due to the nature of the faith’s teachings, regular worship is rare. Worshippers are encouraged to get out of the temple and walk around. Conversely, each worship service brings new faces, as pilgrims from all over stop in and visit the local temple. Services discuss weather, local laws and other aspects that might affect people walking or riding through the area.

COLORS: Yellow, black, silver

ANIMAL: Pigeon

APPEARANCE: The Traveler appears as an old, bald man with tan skin, faded robes and worn sandals. He carries a weathered oaken staff.

CHURCH: Temple of the Stars

CLERGY: The Journeymen

RAIMENT: Yellow and black robes.

SACRIFICE & FREQUENCY: Four pieces of gold, four small gems, or four pieces of coral. These are thrown in the four directions of the compass. These sacrifices are made as needed during travels and are required at least once per season.

ADVANCEMENT: Due to the church’s interest in traveling and adventuring, advancement within the church is by gaining experience or conversion of followers during one’s travels. Each cleric must travel at least 10,000 miles before advancing within the church.

CLERICS: Followers of the Nimble Navigator journey for the simple joy of traveling. His followers believe that he placed the sun and stars in the heavens to enjoy while he traveled. The Traveler has a large following among merchants and often non-worshippers who wish to ensure a safe journey pay the Voyager homage.

Due to the travel requirements for advancement, Journeymen often seek employment as escorts or guides for merchant caravans. Like Bright Eyes, Journeymen prefer to go unnoticed. However, they will not ignore evil if they find it and clerics always keep in mind a tale of the Traveler destroying an evil army he encountered using the same road as he.

The Journeymen see it as their duty to ensure that roads and travel routes are safe from brigands and pirates. Accordingly, they will go out of their way to defeat those that waylay others or restrict travel in any way. Additionally, Journeymen feel that if they can clear a land of evil, the remaining good peoples will be free to move about without fear of harm. Generally, their beliefs pose them against the feudal system and indentured servitude and other governmental restrictions on the movement of people. As a result, they are often at odds politically with the local government. They tend to dislike tolls or other monetary deterrents to travel for the same reason.

Adventures happen to Journeymen while on the road. Bandits, monsters, wars and other impediments to free travel are their main enemies. They especially hate pirates and some Journeymen travel great distances to hinder them.

FRIENDS/ALLIES: The Watchers, the Assembly of Light, the Face of the Free

FOES/ENEMIES: The Thunderer’s Temple, the House of Shackles, Church of Endless Night, the Temple of Strife

SAYINGS: All I need is a ship to sail on and a star to guide me. – The question is not “Why go?” but “Why not go?” – Look to the stars for guidance.

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