The Mermaid's Hall


The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with a small walled yard and garden and vaulted ceilings. It is brightly lit by magical candles and chandeliers. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. It is located in the Artisans quarter of Zoa.


  1. Braised Hare and Cranberry Tart, Glass of Brandy (3 sp)
  2. Baked Phoenix and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Cider (2 sp)
  3. Roasted Mutton and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Mead (10 cp)
  4. Braised Goose with Cardamom and Date Pie, Glass of Brandy (2 sp)
  5. Braised Veal with Sugar and Buckwheat Bread, Glass of Wine (1 sp)
  6. Salted Oxen and Watercress, Tankard of Beer (10 cp)


  1. Lany: Male Human Entertainer, Good. Lany is athletic, with golden hair and soft amber eyes. He has an uneven moustache and wears glasses with brass rims. Lany seeks a party to recover and destroy an evil artifact from the ruins of Ockheath Castle.
  2. Philes: Male Human Alchemist, Good. Philes is tall, with red hair and dark amber eyes. He is chivalrous and well-spoken. Philes seeks a party to recover and destroy an evil artifact from the lost city of Cheaford in the Witchlight Moor.
  3. Reyny Rydye: Male Human Merchant, Neutral. Reyny has uneven blonde hair and blue eyes. He is arrogant and mischievous. Reyny suffers a deadly allergy to dwarves.
  4. Grainarv: Male Dwarf Soldier, Neutral. Grainarv has thick silver hair and sharp gray eyes. He has a distinctive mark on his face. He is lusty and fearless.
  5. Zaghal: Male Dwarf Craftsman, Good. Zaghal is stout, with red hair and blue eyes. He is common in appearance, and has numerous terrible scars. Zaghal compulsively chants nonsense.

The Mermaid's Hall

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