The Cure for Darian

A Cleric of the Raiser

A high level (in the church) cleric of the Raiser will need to execute the ritual.

Grounded mortar and bricks from the monastery where Darian died

Two-handful of mortar or bricks is necessary.

The feather of an Archon

The feather must remain in mint condition to ensure the purity of the ritual.

Fruit from a Karengu Tree

The fruit can be dried up to simplify transport and conservation.

Symbol of the Cleric of the Harvester of Souls

You will need to find a cleric and obtain his holy symbol, the higher the cleric, the cleaner the link between Darian and the undead god will be.

A lich’s phylactery

This one is suggested as last because the phylactery must be still intact for the ritual. The lich might try to get it back during the ritual. The phylactery will be destroyed on the fourth day of the ritual.

Timing and Duration

The ritual will require a full week. It must end on the night when Diadolai and Pelsepond are full and Veshemo is new.

The Cure for Darian

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