Also known as Mountain dwarves in the Merchant’s Tongue.

Mountain dwarves are often shorter than hill dwarves, standing close to four feet tall. They have darker skin tones, and their hair colors include more reds and browns. Highland dwarves may be as heavy as lowland dwarves, but not always. Their life spans are comparable.

Mountain dwarves live in all of the major mountain ranges. They prefer the high peaks that offer safety and seclusion, so there are concentrations of highland dwarves in the Ka’Asa, P’Rorul, Elenon and Deshada ranges.

They favor worship of the Holy Mother, the Eternal Lantern, the Night Watchman, and the Mule. Regardless of whom they worship, their reverence is deep, but their commitment to organized religion and ceremony is weak. They do not often become clerics of faiths that require major signs of dedication, like maiming.

Mountain dwarves use the standard dwarf abilities. They are somewhat taller and heavier than their lowland kin. They speak the Merchant’s Tongue and Dwarven.


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