Reanaarians have brown hair and eyes and their skin ranges from olive to darker tan. Hair spans the full range short of black–from blonde to red to brown, with medium brown being most common. The people are often shorter than Kalamarans (and much shorter than their Fhokki neighbors to the north), but their frames are strong, unlike the slender Brandobians.

They are a folk of extremes: they respect hard work, but they enjoy holidays and feasting. They are clever but appear dull and boring to outsiders. They are fascinated with magic but rarely pursue it as a class.

The Reanaarians, like the Brandobians, are inquisitivve folk. Just as during the period of their great migrations, they explore their current home, the Reanaaria Bay area, without aims of conquest or glory. They enjoy the beauty of their home and rarely come into conflict with the dwarves, elves, gnomes or halflings who live there.

Reanaarians live the closest to the humanoids of Tellene. Gnomes, halflings, dwarves, and even elves share their towns and cities. Reanaarians prefer to live in villages and govern themselves; a network of hundreds of these villages covers the Bay where they live. The Reanaarians are fond of crafts and they work hard, but they also like to enjoy themselves. Because they respect many faiths and share their lands with humanoid cultures, the Reanaarians have more holidays than any other people.

For the most part, Reanaarians speak their own language, although through trade it has lost much of its original character. Most folk speak at least a few words in a humanoid language (any of them) because they associate with these races so often. Those that live in cities tend to speak Merchant’s Tongue as a primary language.


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