Prestige Points

Documenting and making the world as lively as possible is a new objective of mine. I would like a more active participation in the creation process. Don’t be afraid to write about what you imagine happened elsewhere and create entries for rumours and things like that…

Combat Effects

Ability Benefit Point Cost 1
Quick Witted Win Initiative 1
Offensive Prowess +3 to attacks and damage 2
Defensive Prowess +3 to AC and Saving Throws 1
Heightened Channel +3 to DC and damage of Channel Energy 1
Heightened Spell +3 to spell save DC’s and +3 to overcome SR 1
Offensive Fortune Reroll attack or damage die 1
Defensive Fortune Reroll any Saving Throw 1
Nimble Recovery Avoid a critical failure 1
Sure Strike Confirm a critical hit 1
Lucky escape Cancel a critical hit 2
Swift Attack Gain one additional attack 2
Resilient Stabilize from dying 1
Second Chance Survive a killing blow (reduced to 0 HP instead) 3
Wild Vigor Extend Rage by 1 round or Wild Shape by 1 hour 1
Feat of Inspiration Emulate the effect of a feat2 for 1 round. Pre-requisites are required. 1
Feat of Awe Emulate the effect of a feat2 for 1 round. Pre-requisites are not required. 2

1 Doubling the numeric effect of a round ability increases the “use” cost to 3 points, tripling it increases it to 5 points and so on.

2 Limited to the Core Book, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat.

Roleplay Powers

Ability Benefit Point Cost
Skilled Acumen +5 to any skill check 1
Skilled Fortune Reroll any skill check 1
Charismatic influence Move 1 step on the disposition track. i.e. From neutral to friendly 2
Fleet Footed Increase base land speed by 10ft for 1 scene 2
Arcane Insight Gain temporary knowledge of one unknown spell 3 2
Arcane Adaptability Retrieve one previously cast spell 3 2

3 This requires losing a spell slot, and the spell/invocation may not exceed caster level.

Meta Powers

Power Benefit Point Cost
Wheel of fate Change an element of the story. 45 1-3
Retraining Exchange a feat, spell, class ability or power. 1
Vital Fortune Reroll HP gained at time of leveling 2
Skill Training Gain 1 permanent rank to any skill 2
Accomplished Gain a bonus Character Trait 4
Renaissance Man Gain a bonus Feat 8
Improvement Raise ability score 1 point see below

Up to 9 2

between 10 and 11 4

between 12 to 14 6

between 15 to 17 8

between 18 to 20 10

above 20 15
Epiphany Gain a level 25

4 Example: We come across the guy we’ve been searching for at the market or the wench at the tavern is an bearded human female.

5 The element can be big or small, but can be over-ruled if it breaks the story.

inspiration source:The Age of Legends campaign portal

How to get the prestige ?

Method Reward
Create your character on this Campain Website. 3
Complete your background (Text form or answer form) in the Bio section of your character sheet. 3
Create a journal entry of what your character experienced and update your character sheet. 2
Add a new Wiki entry or improve a current wiki entry. 1
Draw a map of a region. 1
Write a short story about what your character did when not in the game.
For example, the story of how Loakim founded a music band and searched for musicians.
Translate a french entry 1-2
I’m open to suggestions variable

You can submit your texts to me and I will integrate them into the wiki if you don’t want to do it.

Prestige Points

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