An outsider’s view

A tolerant place, with pleasant people and quiet government. As a nation, they are at peace with most of their neighbors, just as the people within the country are at peace with their neighbors. Races, religions, classes… All are welcome here! Trade is minimal, and the climate is not quite a tropical paradise, but for most people it is a good place to settle down.

An insider’s view

A region of tolerance, the Principality of Pekal is build around the personal legend of Lamnian Endremin. A wellknown noble of both human and elven houses, his rule was to be the beginning of racial tolerance and equality. When he died, Prince Kafen took up the dreams that had been built up around him.

The Principality itself is well off, but not rich, and we all have to work for a living. Work is good, however, and taxes are light, so almost everyone has enough to eat. People of all races and clans come here to live in a land where they can choose their friends easily.

The principality

Pekal is another former holding of the Kalamaran Empire. Today, the Principality enjoys an alliance with the Principality of Paru’Bor to the northeast from which it obtains knights, the Queendom of Tharggy from which it obtains funding and military advisors and the elves of Cilorealon from whom it obtains crack archers. Pekal’s principle enemy is the Kingdom of Tokis to the southeast. Tokis has been charged by the emperor with reclaiming Pekal for Kalamar. So far, Tokis has been unsuccessful and Kabori is growing increasingly more impatient.

Life in Pekal is relatively prosperous. The Principality is founded on a philosophy of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Given the internal troubles of Tokis, most of Pekal’s populace believes, perhaps rightly so, that invasion is no longer a threat.

This kingdom is part of the Kalamaran Empire region and its capital is Bet Rogala.

Pekal is further subdivided in five districts:

The neighboring kingdoms are: Elos Desert, Kalokopeli Forest, Ek’Kasel, Kalalali Forest, Paru’Bor and Tokis.

Map of Pekal


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