REGIONAL NAMES (HUMAN): Guldwon (Brandobian), Hydary (Dejy), Hydarr (Fhokki), Golidirin (Kalamaran), Fealain (Reanaarese), Gohlnim (Svimohzish)

RACIAL NAMES (HUMANOID): Gisila (Dwarven), Albereclya (Elven), Toa (Gnomish), Fuleta (Halfling), Dazulghaz-Vakh (Hobgoblin), Praurk (Orc)

SPHERES OF INFLUENCE: Money, business, greed

ALIGNMENT: True neutral

SYMBOL: A golden weight scale

HOLY SYMBOL: A small scale

HOLY DAYS: Early winter is a special time for clerics and worshippers of the Coinmaster. It is at this time that they celebrate a successful trading season.

PLACE OF WORSHIP: Temples are found near open-air markets. They are often extravagantly adorned with fine furnishings. Services among the Profiteers begin with a recitation by the leading cleric, with certain passages being read or recited aloud by the congregation. The sermon begins with a parable of a merchant avoiding a clever fraud, or a craftsman being rewarded for skilled work, or a poor miner who found a huge gemstone. Open discussion follows, with the focus on monetary and financial issues. At this point, the cleric can become either a moderator or the primary speaker, depending on his nature.

COLORS: Gold, silver, platinum

ANIMAL: Livestock

APPEARANCE: The Coinmaster appears as a small, thin being adorned in golden silk pants and a blouse with diamond buttons. She wears a silver cloak and carries a platinum walking stick encrusted with diamonds.

CHURCH: Parish of the Prolific Coin

CLERGY: The Profiteers

RAIMENT: Clerics of the Parish of the Prolific Coin are very much in the public eye. Therefore, they tend to be vain and take their appearance very seriously. If there is a new fashion trend, you can bet that the Profiteers will be wearing it, and to the nines!

SACRIFICE & FREQUENCY: Gems and money each year during the early winter holy days. Ten percent of all money gained in the past year is a typical sacrifice.

ADVANCEMENT: Advancement within the church is solely a function of making money.

CLERICS: The Parish of the Prolific Coin sells services and spells to the wealthy, regardless of race or alignment. They also serve as appraisers, jewelers, moneychangers and lenders. In many regions of Tellene, the Parish has become an essential advisor to government on trade agreements, economic practices and tax collection.

Clerics and worshippers of the Coinmaster are only interested in profit. Many call them swindlers, but the Profiteers believe that the pursuit of economic well being is what motivates civilization to grow and prosper. Clerics realize that honesty also has its profit margin in continuing business relationships. Therefore, worshippers who have settled down are usually fair, although shrewd in business transactions.

The church usually has a significant influence in local government since it assists in the regulation of commerce and the financing of wars. Throughout Tellene, clerics of the Coinmaster often act as ambassadors. During disputes with other countries, the Profiteers make excellent agents and mediators since they are skilled negotiators.

Profiteers adventure for the same reason they do everything else: wealth. They never gallantly refuse payment for their good deeds, they scour dungeons like a gelatinous cube in their efforts to sell every door, treasure chest and piece of useful metal, and they only upgrade their equipment after a careful cost-benefit analysis reveals that their current equipment is not helping them earn more money than better equipment would.

A common quest for the clergy is to seek the world renowned Hapless Diamond, an enormous stone of perfect cut, color and clarity. All who have possessed it have died quickly because of the greed and paranoia imposed by the stone. When the owner dies, the stone instantly teleports to a hidden location. Many Profiteers claim to have seen it, but none has ever laid his hands on it and lived to tell the tale. The clergy has sought it for centuries as the greatest sacrifice.

A Profiteer makes an excellent party treasurer and negotiator. In addition, the traditional role of the cleric as combat healer is well within the Profiteer’s ability.

FRIENDS/ALLIES: The Founder’s Creation, the Temple of the Stars, the Church of the Life’s Fire

FOES/ENEMIES: The Church of Chance, the Courts of Inequity, the Temple of Strife, the Hall of Oaths

SAYINGS: In this life, one thing counts: in the coffers, large amounts. – Let the buyer beware, the Profiteers are near. – A fool and his money are soon parted. – A greeting: What business have we?

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