An outsider’s view

Yes, Kalamar is large, but few of us non-Kalamarans accept the claims to greatness that the people of the Empire espouse. We know the truth – that their ‘greatness’ was stolen from conquered peoples. We fear the Empire, knowing it might turn on us at a moment’s notice, if Kabori sees anything worth taking.

Still, the Kalamarans are worldly and sophisticated by most nation’s standards, and though most of us are wary of a Kalamaran stranger, few treat them as inferiors, with the notable exception of Brandobians. The people of Kalamar are well traveled and well read and very few can not speak less than a handful of languages.

Oh yes, the capital city, Bet Kalamar, is the center of the Empire. It is a wondrous place filled with sights and smells the world over, but it is also a dangerous place, where you might quickly find yourself bereft of possessions – or even your life.

Relative Information

This kingdom is part of the Kalamaran Empire region on Tellene.


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