Character sheet : Illua

Portrait of Illua the wood elven druid

Physical Description

Illua is a thin 4’2" elven woman wearing long braided hazelnut hair, she has deep emerald eyes and a silky oak-colored skin. Rare are the women as pretty as her and every visit to Cilorealon brings her a share of envious looks by the elven ladies of the city. She has a maple samara-shaped scar on her right shoulder, it is not a branding scar, nor a wound scar, this scar was on her shoulder for as long as she can remember. Jumar has confirmed many times to her that it was already present when he found her.

Birth and childhood

Born in the Imperial Reckoning (IR) year of 420 to a wood elf druid mother named Reia and a wood elf wizard father named Kanhar. She grew up in a quiet village on the fringe of the Edosi Forest in the care of her loving parents.

While growing up she loved just being with her mother, Reia, while she was cooking, partly because she enjoyed evey minute she could spend with her mother and because Reia sometimes had to leave without warning for a few days where Illua would miss her constantly. Being so much with her parents gave her a hard time with the other kids, none of the other kids wanted to talk to her, as they said, she was too weird.

In 434, the Kalamaran legions discovered her village, pillaging was their only path. With the dying cries of her neighbors masking her own cries, her parents hurriedly hid her in the basement. They then ran away from the house to quickly draw the soldiers away. She then watched through a crack in the wall as her parents were murdered by the Kalamaran goons.

As the fires of the village died down, a hand reached through burned walls of her home. She had no more strength to fight or shout, so she simply lost consciousness. She woke in the middle of the forest, laid down near a campfire, opposite of a weary looking elf. He made sure she was alright, presented himself and then proceeded to explain why he had come for her. It was to the request of Arch druid Werlen, a man of great vision and greater wisdom. She accompanied him back to the Pipitul Woodlands where she discovered her new home and a her vocation, the Way of the Druid.

Growing up

Almost 50 years after the tragic events, her adoptive father brought home another orphan child, Cyrn. This child was to become her closest friend and brother.

One morning, cyrn being angry at her for no apparent reason let her go in the forest alone. During Illua’s daily walk, she encountered a young golden eagle. She kept walking and noticed that it was following her, watching her. Using what Jumar had taught her, she calmly approached the bird and offered it some lunch, instantly she fell at ease with the animal. The bird, on the other hand, was still wild and quick to scare. She kept feeding it over many months and gradually tamed it. Taming might have been the wrong word, it was almost if they both gradually accepted each other. Her animal companion has been exceedingly loyal but she enjoys being left alone and hunting for her food on her own. Illua had refused to call the bird Reia, but after all those months, it was still the only name that felt right for the female eagle. From that day, Illua had two siblings, Reia and Cyrn, her brother being the most feral of the two.

She was only a kid, but she stood in the throne room in Cilorealon, hidden behind her brother who was hidden behind their father, when the King proclaimed that the elves of the Kalalali Forest and Pipitul Woodlands would be helping Pekal secede from the Kalamaran Empire. She was alive and herd the news of the revolting kingdoms that were seceding from Kalamar, those kingdoms were Ek’Kasel, O’Par and Paru’Bor. Seeing a glimpse of hope for the fall of the evil empire, she vowed she would get revenge one day.

The person who helped her live with the hate is Linndo the gnomish druid, he taught her again to laugh and to enjoy life to the fullest, that her parents had not given their lives for her to destroy herself with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. Each time he visited the kids, Illua and Cyrn, he brought them strange new foods and weird objects to play with. This ritual instilled in her a great curiosity and a taste for exploring new things. Uncle Linndo, as he loved to be called, brought another druid lesson of importance: evil and good is relative to the observer, the highest priority is keeping the balance of nature and making sure that the shifts in power are controlled. The part about power has not been accepted yet, but she has embraced whole-heartedly the balance of nature.

Becoming an adult

As well meaning and close was her adoptive family, she missed her parents. The only memento she had, was her father’s medallion which contained a portrait of Reia. At age 117, in a bad mood, she left for the deep forest and mourned alone the death of her parents, still blaming herself for not defending them. As much as everyone wanted her to accept the fact that it was not her fault and she could not have done a thing to change the sitation, she kept blaming herself for protecting her parents. If at least the Kalamaran thugs had not broken the jewel, she would be able see her mother’s face. Looking at the medallion, a faint tingling sensation coursed through her body and she fell asleep, nested in the trunk of a large fallen tree at the heart of nowhere.

She was awakened by a small voice asking if she was alright, a small gnome was gazing at her strangely. Linndo was a good friend of Jumar and was sometimes looking after the orphans while Jumar was away. The Pipitul Woodlands were a dangerous place to be left alone on your own, even for people that knew the woods. He asked her again, “Are you alright Illua ?”. She wondered why was he that serious, at that moment she realized she was laying on the ground at the feet of the largest Maple tree she had ever seen. Astonished that she had missed that tree, she crawled back to see the whole tree. As she moved, the medallion fell from her lap, she tried to prevent it from falling to the ground but couldn’t move when she saw the face of her mother inside the jewel. Linndo picked the medallion and gave her back her priceless locket. Seeing her unbelieving look, the gnome left her alone to her wonder.

Later that week, Linndo explained to her that she probably casted a spell to mend the broken jewel. He could not explain the dissapeared trunk nor the newly standing giant tree. She kept doubting and being a skeptic about those events until she finally cast her second spell, which was her first controlled spell. At that moment, all her doubts were dispelled. Later that year, Jumar started training her seriously in the druidic arts.

The training has been hard for her since she fears failure beyond everything, even with her exceptional toughness, he great wisdom and her determination.

Seeing the others

She is forgiving for clumsiness, immaturity, laziness. But unforgiving for dishonesty, immorality and selfishness. This attitude colors her vision of other races.

Gnomes amuse her with all their antics, simply seeing a gnome brings a smile to her lips for all her good memories with Linndo.

Humans on the other hand make her smile for their childish behavior, they cheat, steal and lie as little kids with no parents.

The dwarves are grimy bums and are well suited for their mines and underground worlds, and they should stay there.

The other races, she has not encountered and does not want to judge them before at least meeting a representative of the race.


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