The Race

Flavor: Think Bushido Code and "Japanese traditions of rituals applied to an evil culture.

While the peaceful nations of Tellene strain under the threat of humanoid attack directed at their heart – the food-producing villages and farms – one race among the humanoids is now a dominant force in trade, politics and war. Hobgoblins are very competitive and see a great deal of honor to be gained from winning a contest, whether an arm-wrestling contest, a foot race or a huge battle. During contests, friendships, religion and other factors lose importance – only winning matters. Competitors need not fear deceit, however. Hobgoblins consider cheating worse than losing.


Their subraces include the Krangi and Kargi, along with the lesser Dazlak, Kors, and Rankki. They speak Hobgoblin, and often the Merchant’s Tongue as well.

The Myth of Creation

According to hobgoblin legend, the world began empty, completely barren, and covered by holy blackness. But Blacksoul was not satisfied with the emptiness, feeling that such perfection deserved a perfect king. After creating the plants and trees, the beasts of the field, and the intelligent races, the creator was still not satisfied, for these beings were also without honor, for they would not worship the darkness. Blacksoul realized that, having been born in the light, they had been born flawed.

Blacksoul then traveled deep beneath the mountains, where the sacred darkness remained. There he fashioned the hobgoblin form from pure earth and water, celestial air and a drop of his divine blood. Finally satisfied, Blacksoul returned to the heavens, watching as his new race quickly spread across the lands, defeating their enemies and winning glory and honor for the Blacksoul, the holy darkness. But the other gods had become jealous, bringing a great pestilence upon the hobgoblins and destroying their mighty empire. Then they took the Blacksoul and destroyed his body. Yet, the Blacksoul soon returned, stronger and purer. They other gods had failed, and now it was time for the hobgoblins to return the world to the perfect darkness it once possessed, and assume the kingship that was rightfully theirs. And so, that is the fight that they all must fight every day, until the end of days.

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