City of Steeds

This prosperous town is known for the speed of steeds that are sold here. It sometimes seems that the horses are more valued than local history or nobility!


7,700 Kalamarans. Few of the citizens show heritage other than Kalamaran- the city is home to few demihumans.

Gaketa small

At a Glance

Gaketa boasts only a wooden wall and moat around the city, with three gates at the corners of what is essentially a triangular wall. The chains of the drawbridges are thick with rust, the guards play cards on duty, and several guard towers stand empty.

Inside the gates, the city bustles with activity. Foreigners are welcomed, although the people consider themselves superior to other folk and consider foreign customs and ways strange and barbaric. Gaketans, despite their condescension, are far less extreme than the Brandobians in their view of outsiders.

Relative Information

The city is the original capital of Tokis, the seat of power was moved to Bet Seder when the Kalamaran Empire annexed it.

Common Saying

The expression "Faster than a Gaketan Mare" is a common expression of great speed in the Sovereign Lands.


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