Eye Opener


REGIONAL NAMES (HUMAN): Browend (Brandobian), Dokshy (Dejy), Sytherr (Fhokki), Lokalas (Kalamaran), Loakaer (Reanaarese), Shamnan (Svimohzish)

RACIAL NAMES (HUMANOID): Migmar (Dwarven), Elobreria (Elven), Denfort (Gnomish), Sartan (Halfling), Tukhar-Renn (Hobgoblin), Vroshnak (Orc)


ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral

SYMBOL: An owl in flight grasping a staff in its talons

HOLY SYMBOL: A silver owl pendant or a beech staff

HOLY DAYS: Spring and fall equinox

PLACE OF WORSHIP: Temples to the Eye Opener can be found in cities, towns and villages. Worship of the Eye Opener involves hymns and songs, but it also involves puzzles posed to the group by one of the clerics. Individuals may discuss the puzzle among themselves or ponder the question silently, but they are encouraged to be industrious in their pursuit for knowledge. Different difficulties are offered to worshippers of different ages and ability, and moving to a more challenging group is an occasion for congratulations and respect.

Important centers of worship for the Order of Thought exist in Crandolen, Bet Kalamar, Kaleta, and Gaketa.

Such centers tend to include strange geometric features around which worship takes place outdoors. Conventional buildings in the local style fill non-worship needs like clerical living quarters and storage. The temples themselves, the Seekers of Sagacity believe, must be in an exact shape in order to augment the power of their divinations. Mortal necessities like windows and doors often run contrary to these purposes.

COLOR: Light Brown


APPEARANCE: The Eye Opener appears as an older being with white hair. He is garbed in light brown robes and carries a beech staff (the Staff of Wisdom).

CHURCH: The Order of Thought

CLERGY: Seekers of Sagacity

RAIMENT: Clerics of the Order of Thought are philosophers and teachers, and have little time or concern for fancy clothing. They wear simple linen robes or tunics of light brown. Although many Seekers of Sagacity keep their head unadorned on a day-to-day basis, each wears a special low, black, flat-topped hat. For each level of their rank in the church, they wear one owl feather attached to the hat. Many of the younger clergy, who tend to be more in tune with the modern youth of the day, have taken to dangling their owl feathers from a leather thong which hangs down 8 to 10 inches from their hat.

SACRIFICE & FREQUENCY: Burnt beech twigs on the first day of the month

ADVANCEMENT: Advancement within the Order of Thought is by seniority. Therefore the oldest cleric is usually the leader of the Seekers of Sagacity. In addition to learning basic skills during training, clerics must solve a riddle. They may not advance until they answer it correctly. A cleric may hazard three answers. If all are incorrect, the Order will demote the Seeker.

CLERICS: Clerics of The Lord of Intuition are respected as the wisemen of the lands. However, they are not devoted exclusively to the study of books; wisdom is derived from experience. Unlike most scholars, whose noses are buried in tomes, clerics of the Wise One are active in the world. They give counsel to those who need it. Often, the price for a Seeker’s advice will be a riddle, a bit of arcane knowledge or some other useful information.

After acceptance into the Seekers of Sagacity, an initiate spends five years within the temple learning the wisdom of the ways of the Eye Opener. A Seeker spends her next five years traveling the world. During these years, known as the Seeking, the cleric carefully observes all that she encounters.

The cleric then returns to the temple where she chooses the way she will serve the Wise One. She may choose to become counselor to a lord or king who has requested a new advisor. She may choose to remain at the temple and give advice. Or she may choose to continue traveling the world to impart the wisdom of the Lord of Intuition. Seekers often solicit sphinxes to share riddles and arcane lore.

Seekers of Sagacity tend to avoid combat unless absolutely necessary. They prefer a battle of wits, and always have an arsenal of riddles prepared for such a competition. Nevertheless, they train themselves in the ways of armed combat; not all opponents have the capacity to clash in ways other than force.

FRIENDS/ALLIES: The Fraternal Order of Aptitude, the Founder’s Creation, the Temple of Enchantment

FOES/ENEMIES: The Confuser of Ways, the Church of Chance, the House of Vice, the Way of the Berserk

SAYINGS: Violence is the last refuge of the wise. – At last, his eyes are open. – A greeting: “What can you teach me?” – A farewell: “Keep your senses about you.”

Eye Opener

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