Eternal Phoenix Inn

Owner: Kurgan Damvalk
Location: Bet Rogala in pek Pekal

One can easily find the inn because it is the largest building on the border between the market and the craftsmen district. The great inn is often thought a luxury inn from it’s large size, the three story-high stone walls with a red and yellow fairy lights illuminated phoenix taking flight above the door.

The entrance door itself does not leave room for imagination with regard to whom the owner of the inn might be; A very massive oak door solidified by three metal rods. Upon entering you find yourself in a large common room with a fireplace at the back and a bar carved by the hands of a master. A small stage is located right in front of the fireplace, next to this platform is a staircase to access the second and third floors. Behind the bar are multiple barrels, bottles of various alcoholic substances as well as an open access to the kitchen. The ceiling is very high, about 14 feet, the common room is about 35 feet wide by 60 feet deep. The floor, ceiling, tables, chairs and bar are all solid oak. The
kitchen on the other hand is smaller, about 10 by 60, it is divided into two parts, a brewery and a kitchen to make meals. A counter runs along the stone wall outside to ensure smooth operations of the kitchen.

On the second floor, several rooms are available single and double. They are small, very small, but comfortable with their 10 foot high ceiling. They are decorated with draperies and furniture carved in different woods. The third floor on the other hand is a common room, where the players usually sleep and two suites. The common room is rather bland with only beds, some paintings on the walls and a small window overlooking the backyard. The large suite are clearly for nobles or travelers with the means to spend a night of luxury. The suites are decorated with velvet draperies, comfortable chairs, small libraries and windows with balconies to the street.

Every night the same story is repeated, people of all races and social status all come to have a beer or between a song. People are generally in a good mood, an atmosphere of celebration and relaxation reign in the common room on the first floor. Two to four waitresses working the floor in addition to Kurgan, the owner, a gruff, orange-haired dwarf. Few customers dare to cause trouble in the inn because of the small gurin bouncer named Falco.

Ground floor plan


Eternal Phoenix Inn

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