An outsider’s view

If you are like me, and lucky enough to have seen the city, you know that no human can help but to be awed by its beauty. The homes are built around trees, rather than cutting them down, and wonderfully terraced gardens, small ponds and wooden footbridges abound. The elves themselves are peaceful, but are also militaristic, and it is not wise to cross one.

An insider’s view

Most of our population is made up of wood elves and high elves, with a few humans living outside the city. Our king enjoys an absolute rule and his commandments generate immediate results. We enjoy nature, and oppose anyone who seeks to destroy its beauty, but this does not show weakness, as some humans believe. Rather, it is part of our strength.


6,800 wood elves and 3,100 high elves. No humans live in the city of Cilorealon, but the elves often entertain guests of various woodland races. A couple of hundred humans do live in the area claimed by the elves outside of the city.

At a Glance

Elves are masters of integrating nature and their buildings. Their houses are built around trees rather than cutting the trees down, and moo of rho brightly-colored homes have all trellises and gardens all around, excepting a footpath or brick walkway. Wooden footbridges carry pedestrians over small ponds, high terraces look down into lush gardens, and boats drift lazily down sluggish streams. Along with the geese, chickens, ponies, dogs, and ducks one might expect to see in a town, visitors see animals normally considered wild: quail, chipmunks. squirrels, deer, rabbits, and even an occasional bear.


King Sendir enjoys an absolute rule any human monarch would envy. He has no council to whom he must report, nor do his nobles vie with him for scraps of power. His word is absolute and his commandments generate immediate results. The King has this power because the elves know that he invokes it only when grave danger threatens the kingdom. If the King abused this power, he would lose it before evil could result. Sendir’s lass major pronouncement was an order to send aid to she humans in Pekal when they rebelled against the Kalamaran Empire 107 years ago.


The elves do not Trade much with humans, but they are quite willing to visit remote demihuman settlements wish their beautiful goods, asking for tools, foreign foods, and cloth.


War bands of lightly-armored scouts (archers, bards and rogues, often led by rangers) patrol rho borders. If they discover intruders, obey send a runner back to the city and attempt to unnerve rho invaders by making noise, big flashy magic, or by killing pack animals. The patrols do not hesitate to me harsher measures against stubborn intruders. Harsher measures include mobilizing the larger military forces kept in the city: mounted warriors supported by wizards. In case of emergency, they have treants allies, a powerful druid keeps a sacred grove nearby, and a dozen nests of giant eagles helps out when necessary.


Temples in Cilorealon include the Home Foundation, the Church of the Life’s Fire, the Parish of Love, the Temple of the Patient Arrow, the Church of the Silver Mist, the Temple of Enchantment, and the Church of Chance. The elves do not tolerate the open worship of evil faiths.

Mages & Sages

The high elves here consider magic an art like any other, co be appreciated for its splendor. The wood elves consider it a craft meant to he used as a tool, which the craftsman is perfectly welcome to design with as much or as little beauty as he wishes.

Ilistar the Songstress is a dabbler in magic who embodies the high elven ideal. She blends magic into her performances in the forms of phantom sounds and visual effects. Her unearthly beauty, musical skill and artistic talent make her one of the most popular elves or the race.

On the other hand, Ruwana the Dark makes her reputation based on her success in defending the city’s borders from hunanoids and other unwelcome intruders. She prefers simple, direct spells that incapacitate a single opponent to those with “messy and noisy” effects such as fireballs or lightning bolts. Given the chance, she polymorphs an enemy into a squirrel or reduces him small enough to fit into a sack. Ruwana is laconic and subdued in demeanor, but her dark skin, heavily muscled frame and fondness for gold jewelry leave a striking impression on those who meet her.

Interesting Sites

The whole city is of interest to those who admire beauty and peace. Worthy of mention is a druidic grove in the middle of the “city.” A ring of holly trees around a cool spring makes up the grove, which is a popular meeting place for the druids in this part of Tellene.

This elven city is located in the Kalalali Forest.


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