Carnival of Shadows


Demoiselle Antunes

She has altered the player characters bodies, twice. And each time she does it, there is an increasing chance that it ends badly.

First “gift”

Ariana Amoroth : She has highly heightened senses, she has the scent ability

Darius Amoroth : He has an improved darkvison, he can see in magical darkness

Faerbast Bogazi :

Mieka Damvalk : She can adsorb a metal armor she is wearing and make it come back out when she feels threatened.

Second “gift”

Ariana Amoroth :

Darius Amoroth : He can teleport through shadows that are big enough for him to fit in as per dimension door.

Faerbast Bogazi :

Mieka Damvalk : She can now turn herself in an iron construct as per the spell ironbody.

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Carnival of Shadows

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