The stereotypical Brandobians have brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Today, their hair ranges from sandy blonde to nearly black, and their skin is fair to medium in tone. Their eyes are still largely the same, ranging only from brown to black. They tend to be shorter and slighter than the other human races.

Brandobians today have the least contact with other races. They have several cultural curiosities not found in other lands. They are not affectionate people in public and generally prefer to keep contact with others to a minimum. Brandobians bury their dead face down or cut off a foot to prevent the dead from rising as undead.

Brandobians live on the western coast of Tellene and occupy maritime colonies off their own coast, on Western Svimohzia and along the Elos Bay. Their numerous colonies result from centures of exploration and conquest, and the Brandobians take great pride in the vastness and impact of their travels. Their people are vibrant and alive and rarely keep their opinions to themselves. Right or wrong, you know where a Brandobian stands.

The Brandobian language is used in their lands, colonies, including Miclenon, and many former colonies such as Alnarma, Vrandol and along the Elos coast. (Prompeldians now use Kalamaran or the Merchant’s Tongue). The colonies like to accent it with their own spellings, pronunciations, and words, but continental Brandobians resist changing the language in any way. A few humanoids in the Young Kingdoms still understand some Brandobian, but they do not often speak it; after all, over 500 years has passed since the establishment of Eastern Brandobia. Despite the passage of time, there are still a few villages in the Young Kingdoms, especially north of P’Bapar, that speak a dialect of Brandobian because they were bypassed or for some reason never occupied by the Kalamarans.


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