An outsider’s view

A more wondrous place would be hard to find – the incredible architecture, the bustling markets, and gnomes living next to humans without a single misstep or argument. The humans do not seem to mind, and are careful not to hurt their smaller friends. This city is a beacon of racial tolerance, and an example of what races working together can produce. Not all things are equal here, but everyone seems to like it the way they are.

The government is run exclusively by gnomes, as is city administration, while humans make up the vast majority of the armed forces. The arrangement seems to work, however, and the peoples of Baethel are happy and strong.

An insider’s view

Baethel is a great place to live, where everyone has a place and every place welcomes. Most buildings have entrances of multiple sizes, as well as furniture and windows of differing scales. The gnomish government has ruled, and quite successfully, for many years, and everyone works together well. The gnomes, the humans, even the elves that frequent our fine city pitch in and help their fellow beings. People come here and see everyone here working together and they ask, “How do you keep from running into all these gnomes?” What a stupid question! How do you avoid running into walls when you walk?

You watch where you are going, and be careful. Besides, the only crowded area in town in the busy marketplace. We live here because we have chosen to make friends with each other, and to work together. There are those that question our ability to do that, but we have proven them wrong. This city is the truest example of the gnomish-human ability to coexist. When we work together, we are stronger and better than we ever could be separately.


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