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  • EP Game Background

    h4. The beginning p. [[:jumar | Jumar]] the druid was asked to save two young elves that were orphaned by the Kalamaran troops, a little girl named [[:illua | Illua]] and a young boy named [[:cyrn | Cyrn]]. He has raised both children as if they were …

  • EP The fleeing bears

    h4. Synopsis p. On the 14th of Famine 562, [[:jumar | Jumar]] announced to the orphans that he would leave them on their own for a while, for the first time they would be completely on their own as he judged they were old enough. Even if he had wanted …

  • Timeline 563 IR

    p. Includes the first month (Famine 562). |_. IR Date |_. Place |_. Event | | 27 Snowfall 562 | [[Pipitul Woodlands | Pipitul Woodlands]] | [[:cyrn | Cyrn]] discovers a cave near the [[E'Liral River]]. | | 14 Famine 562 | Pipitul …

  • Timeline of the Game

    Here is a list of years the game spans, the list will grow as we play. p. All calendars are calculated using the IR(Imperial Reckoning) Calendar. [[Timeline Pre-game | Pre-game Timeline]] [[Timeline 563 IR | End of Year 562 and Year 563]]