Glimpses of adventure

[RR] Strange new lands

An exile and his disparate crew try to make a name for themselves.

Next game you guys will be playing Pekalese Mercenary Force in the Exiled Prince Campaign, the mercenary force leaded by prince Kafen. There was a coup in Pekal and now the prince of pekal is in exil, having boarded on a strange boat leaving Luna in the Reanaaria Bay to an unknown destination. He has now recruted a group of mercenaries with Gramar and plans on making a name for himself as a mercenary lord in this strange new land.

Exiled prince Kafen – Aristocratic Rogue Sniper.

Sober. Reverent. Paranoid. motto: Wash dirty linen in public.

The prince bodyguard Gramar – Life Necromancer bodygard.

Exacting. Punctual. Thrifty. motto: Never meet troubles half-way.

An inspiring bard [Ludo, Marta] – Whip based actor.

Violent. Cruel. Realistic. motto: Try to spend time with the music you love.

Natural weapon barbarian [Redlum, Edga] – Punching wounder, some score keeping-required.

Naïve. Cheerful. Multiple Personalities. motto: Try to read more books.

Cleric of Raconteur [Rodge, Vennami] – Hard to kill channeler.

Curious. Inquisitive. Very hairy. motto: Dependence can be a meal ticket.

Charging fighter [Drak, Derva] – Two-handed fighter.

Arrogant. Elitist. Stern. motto: Might is right.

Melee fighting ranger [Grod, Kraa] – No spells but some neat tricks.

Opinionated. Gullible. Suffers from hallucinations. motto: Travel and see new places, but remember to take along an open mind.

Mobile Sorcerer of fey blood. [Wassales, Nesmiele] – Area of effects and control fun !

Moody. Gloomy. No common sense. motto: Claim premature victory.

All the unclaimed characters will still be present in the group. They are closely working together, each having personnal reasons for the success of this group.

Details on the characters will be available before the game.


JayLavoie JayLavoie

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