Jumar Yraumin

The druid that saved two elven orphans.



STR 10 0
DEX 15 2
CON 8 -1
INT 14 +2
wis 22 +6
CHA 17 +3


A white haired, steely eyed high elf that has reached old age while raising two elven orphans. He is 4’8" and about 97 lbs, altough his body has become frail with age, he is still a lot more nimble than the average elf.

Saving orphans

When he was 165, Werlen the Arch Druid ordered him to go south, in the Edosi Forest and save a young elven girl named Illua. When he reached the village, it was already too late. Soldiers were pillaging, raping and beating the whole village. He stood in the shadows, watching, powerless to do anything. He asked the Bear what he should do and by the time he understood the answer, the fires were beginning to quench. He went to a small elven house that has miraculously not crumbled and reached through the wall. Under his hand, he felt something whimper and then go limp. He grabbed the small frame and carried her to a camp site hidden from the village. When she finally accepted to follow him, he brought her back to his home in the Pipitul Woodlands.

45 years later, he was sent again to find another child, to be orphaned by the invading Kalamaran troops. As he approached the village, the druid saw a young elf of about 30 years trying to defend two unconscious bodies. Before Jumar could do anything, the Kalamaran thugs stabbed and beat the young elf to death. Enraged by the senseless murder of a courageous kid, he attacked the soldiers in a flurry of spells, claws and bites. The few surviving humans ran away, terrorized by the righteous fury of the magical beast assaulting them. To save the life of the youth he had to use every last drop of druidic magic and healing know-how to save the boy. With their boy saved, the, now, barely concsious parents finally let go and went beyond any hope. Jumar helped the boy bury his parents and brought him back to meet Illua.

Having two young ones, Illua and Cyrn, to raise as his own, it forced Jumar to change his ways. He had to become a patient man and see the need for sacrifices to allow the future to bloom.

Last seen

Leaving on a quest for his Druidic Circle.

Jumar Yraumin

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