Glimpses of adventure

Taking off again

Small hiatus

I’d like to start moving forward with the games.

Please read what happened in the first games so we can take off more smoothly. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming on :)

For Elvish Prophecies, a list of adventure logs is available here

For Reavers and Redeemers, a list of adventure logs is available here

New Philosophies

On combats, to make them shorter:

The NPCs will have less HP to go down faster. But they will hit harder to compensate. It will make acting first even more advantageous.

On the story, to move it your way:

I will try and always say yes to your input. For example, if you decide to awaken all the horses in Tokis, I will accept your plan and try to incorporate it in the game. If you decide to leave the war and go for a life of exploration, you should warn me in advance so I can plan ahead.


JayLavoie JayLavoie

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