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[RR] Some months later

What happened in a year and a half

Here is a quick recap of what happened in the last year and a half of in-game time. Ariana left the company to find a cure for her un-dead brother, Darian.The 3 other members left Pekal to start infiltrating Tokis, 8 long months changing places and building a background in Tokis led them to Gaketa. While in the City of the Mare they heard rumors of a wandering monk helping farmers, he had been last seen in a village north of Gaketa…

Coming back to Bet Rogala

When they came back to the city, Ariana noticed that people were acting like scared animals when they saw the company. The streets almost emptied themselves in front of them. With a quick walk, they hurried to the inn. When they came in view of the inn, a strange feeling submerged them, the building had been mutilated. Many scorch marks were blackening the wood, the Phoenix signboard had not survived, a lump of coal was were it once stood proudly. Faerbast ran in to see Kurgan and Falco, the new gurin bouncer, cleaning up a completely wrecked common room. The others came in soon after, they did not see the mess but all the bandages and marks that covered the two men, they had been beaten savagely.

As they came in, Kurgan raised his head and gave them a sad smile. His inn was destroyed, he had no money and they had nowhere to go. A large demon had entered the capital, all the guards that had been courageous enough to try to stop it were now either dead or dying, no one dared face the monster afterward. It was a 10 foot, red-scaled, bat-winged, horned horror with the smell of brimstone. The infernal one spoke with an imperial kalamaran accent to ask: “Where is the Eternal Phoenix Company?”. While it proceeded to pummel Kurgan and Falco, it explained that the young ones had inexcusably wronged him. Kurgan and Falco soon lost consciousness after. People are saying that the inn suddenly bursed into flames, the demon came out and flew to the north. Loakim waited for the demon to leave and saved them from the burning inn, as he later said “I’m more useful draging you out of the fire than senseless by your side.”

After a lot of discussion between Kurgan and the young ones, they finally accepted that leaving to look for Darian might be the best solution at the time. Ariana naturally refused to look for the aberation that once was her brother, she would instead leave for Cilorealon and its druidic circle to seek a solution to the unlife animating her brother.

Exil and solutions

The company took a few days to prepare for their departure, Darius was mandated to gather informations on where his brother might be, Faerbast was to go buy rations and warm clothes for the oncoming winter. The morning of Ariana’s departure, Loakim came to wish her godspeed and luck in her research. He kissed her hand goodbye and left an unmarked enveloppe. Ariana opened it and read the request of audience with Kafen, he had to meet all of them now.

A quick, unofficial meeting was held in the palace library:

  • Since you are hunted by a large demon, we are sending you on a covert mission in Tokis to sabotage the war effort. Should the demon attack you, the damage will be done to Tokis and not Pekal.
  • Here are quality steeds.
  • Here are backpacks , they should help you infiltrate Tokis by not going into the frontier towns.
  • Here are official papers taken from dead Tokis inhabitants.
  • You will be contacted when enough damage has been done to the Tokite state.
  • We will provide funds to Kurgan so he can rebuild a new inn in exchange for your services.
  • Thank you for your help and Pekal wishes you good luck.

The company left the city in silence, not knowing when they would be able to see their father again.

The path to Tokis took most of two months, they had to go around the Pipitul Woodlands through Paru’Bor and O’Par, then they could come into Tokis from the eastern frontier, this path would minimize their chances of encountering soldiers and maximize their credibility. The 3 months that followed were used to create a backstory and an alibi in Tokis. Changing town every 3 to 5 weeks until they came to Gaketa, the City of the Mare. They met many good people in that city and built a strong relationship with a man named Peric Reewos Content Not Found: peric-reewos, a very well known horse breeder in the city. He hired you when you came in the city and gave you a place to sleep and work to occupy your days. He is very grateful for everything you have done for him. A night a the Wisps of memories inn, Mieka herd about a wandering monk traveling from town to town, farm to farm to help farmers who had trouble making both ends meet. All the monk asked for was a place to hide from the noon sun as he seem to have a skin sickness.

Finding Darian

Some quick information gathering by Faerbast and Darius yielded the current location of the monk. The company set forth to meet with the mysterious monk and found him after a couple of days in a small hamlet known as Gramess. He was toiling in a field, there was no mistaking him, it was Darian, hidden under a very-wide-brim black hat. The meeting was awkward at first but soon the bond between the brothers got them talking as if nothing had happenned. Faerbast on the other hand could do nothing else but look at Darian’s grayish skin and redish eyes with malaise. Mieka, remembering how deadly he had been with only his bare hand versus the ghouls at the monastery stood ready to defend herself.

For the rest of the day, they helped Darian with his chores. At dusk, they left the farm for the Inn. Darius offering his brother a real room for the night.

On the following morning, they left Gramess for Gaketa, where they still had some chores to do for Peric.

And Go !


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