Glimpses of adventure

[EP] The fleeing bears

First game, Introduction


On the 14th of Famine 562, Jumar announced to the orphans that he would leave them on their own for a while, for the first time they would be completely on their own as he judged they were old enough. Even if he had wanted to ask Linndo, the gnome had been in the Reanaaria Bay looking for something for the last four months.

On the next day, Jumar left at the coldest point in the night, the hours before sunrise. When he got back from hunting, Cyrn prepared 3 hares for Illua to cook for dinner. While they were eating, Cyrn proposed to go to a cave he discovered a few weeks ago, it would seem that the entrance was blocked and it collapsed on itself for unknown reasons. He did not investigate it as he wanted to explore it with his sister. She asked to wait for the following day as she had some house tasks to complete. They each spent the rest of the day doing chores. After eating and doing some reading, the orphans went to bed.

In the middle of the night Illua was awakened by noises outside the house. Illua saw some brown bears that seemed to be fleeing an unseen force. She woke her brother and he tracked the bears to see if they were going somewhere or if they were simply fleeing. They followed the bears for 12 hours through the forest and then through the plains north of Pipitul Woodlands, until the bears grouped up and went to sleep.

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Cyrn took the opportunity to build a small snow shelter to protect his sister and himself from the windy plain. Illua started a fire to keep themselves warm and they started meditating in turns to keep a close watch on the animals. After ten hours of rest, the bears had still not risen. She very carefully approached the beasts and, to her horror, saw their mutilated bodies. They looked mauled and exhausted beyond any hope. Nevertheless, she approached closer. The mother of the cubs was looking at her, the young ones were still sleeping. Illua kept approaching, the large bear stood up, she was not much to look at. She wobbled in the cold wind and fell back on the ground.

The cubs were severely mutilated, a gash on one had gouged an eye. They had multiple lacerations on the paws, shoulders and head. The two remaining bears slowly rose behind the mother. Instantly, Illua saw that the young ones were trying to protect their mother, it was a family. The kids were trying to save their parent from whatever ill this elf had for them. After a lot of staring and appeasing, the bears finally understood that she did not mean harm. Illua proceeded to save the tree bears and bandage them as well as she could.

[..] Missing the traveling back home part.


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