Glimpses of adventure

[EP] Game Background

Let's get this show on the road.

The beginning

Jumar the druid was asked to save two young elves that were orphaned by the Kalamaran troops, a little girl named Illua and a young boy named Cyrn. He has raised both children as if they were his own. He trained them in the ways of the druid, the girl following in his footsteps and the boy desiring a more active role by following the way of the ranger. Even tho the young elves knew they were not blood related, a kinship bond established itself as a big sister and a little brother.

Growing up

With their bond growing ever more intense, they never left one another except for druidic meetings where Cyrn was not allowed to attend. They hunted together and scouted for Kalamaran raiders together in the Pipitul Woodlands reporting strange happening to the garrisoned elves of the forest. They travelled to Cilorealon every solstices and equinoxes with their adoptive father for the elvish festivities taking place in the Kalalali Forest


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