Glimpses of adventure

[EP] Cave exploring, the fury of the goblins

Second Game

20 Famine 562

After sleeping for a day an a half when they got home, the twins finally got the energy to leave the house and go see that cave Cyrn was so excited to discover.

Searching for the mysterious cave


After many hours of walking, the two young elves were almost at the cave when they encountered a dead rabbit. The carcass had been mutilated and almost nothing on the creature had been eaten. Somewhat distressed by the senseless murder of an animal in the middle of their forest, they kept on walking until the spotted a large animal lying on the ground, it was probably a deer. Walking the 300 feet separating them for the animal, they finally saw the poor beast laying in it’s blood. The face had been slashed by claws and a precise puncture wound to the lungs was still apparent. After the firsts strikes it had been mindless stabbing and slashing at the dying deer. A couple of chunks of meat were taken off the now cold carcass of the animal, but most of it was left to rot there. This time, Cyrn was able to spot many many tracks going in all directions in the fresh snow. Whatever had down this was small and very excited at killing such a big game. Illua had only one image in her mind at this moment, the fleeing bears that they healed back from the brink of death.

The young elves were now decided to find out what had done those horrible things and make it pay. Tracking the small steps in the snow got harder and harder as snow had begun to fall again, but knowing where they went was easy, they were going straight to the cavern Cyrn had found earlier in the winter. Closing on the cavern, the elves slowed their pace and began to look around for traps and sentries, a wise move because they evaded a couple of skillfully hidden rusty bear traps.

Entrance action

Moving slowly allowed Illua and Cyrn to scan the environment for any signs of trouble, a flash of metal high up in a tree on their side. About a hundred yard from the cave entrance was a single creature playing sentry at the top of a tree, his camouflage was expertly done but betrayed by his large metal claw gauntlets. Another creature wrapped in rags was sitting next to the cave entrance and another one was doing something on the other side of the entrance mound. As if on demand, the wind began to blow very hard muffling all noise. Cyrn took aim at hidden sentry and let the arrow fly. The arrow pierced the forehead of the creature and stuck in the trunk with a low thud, pinning the creature to the tree. The next two would need to be simultaneous kills, Cyrn would take the creature next to the entrance and Illua would kill the creature on the other side. Both elves began to move slowly and stealthily toward their targets. They moved until they were ready to aim, locked eyes together and began aiming. Illua began to whirl her sling and Cyrn got ready. Both projectiles left their weapons at the same time, the rock from Illua hit the creature in the face sending it straight down, the arrow from Cyrn flew next to his target and buried itself in the snow. With the three of them panicking, Illua, Cyrn and the creature, Cyrn and Illua each sent another projectile toward the remaining creature, both killing him before he could cry for help. The elves decided to hide for a minute or two. Cyrn, wanting to see what kind of creatures could dare kill animals in an elven forest, moved toward the creature they had just killed. brown blood with a foul odor was ebbing from it… it couldl only be one thing, goblins !

Elven archer

Informing the authorities

Knowing there might be more goblins or even bigger challenges ahead, the orphans decided to back down and go warn the elvish troops. After a 2 hour walk, they finally got to the small camp, it was empty. Cyrn moved in the small habitation, a small building looking half-shelter, half-home. They took the opportunity to meditate and make sure that Cyrns’ wounds were healing up nicely in the warmth. Then they waited for the squad to come back.

At around 11 in the morning, the door slowly opened and a hawk-eyed elf entered the home, his bow ready to rain death on whoever invaded his home. When the scout saw Miss Yraumin looking at him as surprised as he was, some confusion passed on his face. The scout signaled his squad mates to come in, four more bow-wielding elven warriors came in the house. They asked Illua if there was any food left for them and she replied happily that she cooked a bit for them.

Warning the Captain

While the elves ate, Illua and Cyrn made a summary of the situation. The scouts asked the orphans to go meet with Captain Rimehil at his camp and tell him about this, he should come back with them to help clear the caves.


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